Dr. Marcin Ambroziak (Poland)

Founder-member of Polish Society for Aesthetic Dermatology
Member of the Polish Society of Dermatology (in 2002 rewarded for his contribution into Society’s activity)
Member of European Society for Dermatological Reseach
Founder of the international Centre for Anti-Aging medicine
I am a user of Ultraformer for more than 6 months now.
I am very happy with this device, because of few things.
First of all, we have very versatile device. Because it has transducer from 9mm up to 1.5mm.
So, we can use the device not only to treat sagging skin on face, but also to treat other area on the body.
I am happy with this device because it is fast and quite efficient as a non-invasive treatment.
We have done about 400 treatments until now, and we haven’t reported a single case of side effects.

Dr. Benjamin Ascher, MD (France)

Founder and scientific director of IMCAS congresses
Lecturer and clinical assistant at Paris Academy
Chairman and head of the Clinique of Aesthetic Surgery IENA in Paris France
A member of the French, American, and International Societies of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SOFCPRE, SOFCEP, ASPS, ISAPS)
I was impressed by skin lifting result after experiencing ULTRAFORMER for the first time. It shows significant scientific improvement to make great result using HIFU. Ibelieve Classys will be one of the global leading companies based on its outstanding technology.

Dr. Klaus Fritz, MD (Germany)

President of German Academy of Dermatology (DDA) ,
Lecturer at University Osnabrueck , Germany in health sciences and cosmetology
Associate Professor at University Carol Davila, Rumania
President of European society of laser dermatology (ESLD) 2009 – 2012 (3 years)
ULTRAFORMER bring immediate tightening effects with 3 different cartridges, specially targeting SMAS layer which is located in the depth of 4.5mm inside of the dermis. Plastic surgery was the option for skin liftng but now we have equivalent results via ULTRAFORMER as non-surgical treatment. My patients always surprise its remarkable clinical outcomes.

Dr. Michael H. Gold, MD, FAAD (USA)

President-Elect of DASIL
Assistant Clinical Professor, Dept. of Medicine, Division of Dermatology, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and Vanderbilt University School of Nursing
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Meharry Medical College, School of Medicine
Visiting Professor of Dermatology, Huashan Hospital, Fudan University, Shanghai, China
Medical Director, Gold Skin Care Center, Clinical Research Center
If you’ve never tried ULTAFORMER, high intensity focused ultrasound, this is a great tightening procedure. So, We’d like to use it for tightening from the eyes to the neck. Patients have great results and they are satisfied.

Dr. Franko Lauro (Italy)

Italian Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (SICPRE)
ULTRAFORMER’s skin tightening effects are amazing. I used to use medical laser products when I didn’t know HIFU products. Laser has its own limitations in terms of clinical results and side effects. ULTAFORMER present excellent skin tightening using HIFU that delivers Focused ultrasound energy to targeted area especially SMAS. The energy takes apart old collagen and stimulates formation of new collagen effectively and it gives me predictable clinical outcomes.

Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh (London)

I’ve been using ULTRAFORMER for more than a year and very satisfied its clinical results. I believe ULTARFORMER is a game changer for skin lifting. Injection and surgery were options for skin lifting before HIFU comes out, but now ULTRAFORMER as non-surgical treatment makes better results. I’m very proud that I’m one of the heaviest users of ULTRAFORMER in th world.

Dr. Jong-Seo Kim MD (Korea)

Dr. Nobuhiro Suetake (Japan)

Dr. Katia Paskova (Bulgaria)

Dr. ApratimGoel, MD (India)